Q&A: I heard Apple Computers Don’t Get Viruses. Is This True?

Short Answer: This is false. Long Answer: Macs are LESS LIKELY to get viruses. There is malware that is made for the Mac but this type of rogue software isn’t as popular. This is because the way the operating system is created and also the person creating the software wants to have the largest impact, […]


Q&A: Where’s my Computer Manual? It isn’t in the box!?!

Quick Answer: It doesn’t come in the box anymore. Long Answer: About 6 years ago, manufacturer’s found that they could cut their manufacturing costs down by not printing a computer manual out. However some manufactures still print up a folded poster than comes with desktops (and smaller versions that come with laptops) on how to […]


Q&A: Why won’t my Microsoft Word work, it keeps asking for a serial?

Currently a majority of laptops & desktops DO NOT come with Microsoft Office on them; however, there are a few models that have the software package preloaded on the computer. What this means is that the software is installed, but all it needs is a serial key – which you need to purchase. Most of […]

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